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Desert Road

The Hosts


Our Good Brothers

  • Rudeboy Kyle

  • Brother Niko a.k.a. Bob Giggles

  • Triple B Brewmaster LCL Geek

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Mark Kidder

Mark Kidder earned his title of "The Man, The Myth, The Legend" after hosting the #1 rated rock show per capita in the nation for three years running. After retiring from radio at the top of his game, Mark is once again rocking the mic. Kidder is not shy about sharing his love of rock, hockey, Star Trek, and good whisky.

Howard Blues

Howard Blues is the man with too many hobbies. While podcasting may be his newest one, he also attempts to enjoy board gaming, painting models, playing video games, and writing. His reputation is that of a silent historian with the occasional one-liner, but he is excited to talk about hockey, Star Wars, board games, and his newest adventure fatherhood.

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